Women-only Home Defense Class

Join us for a Women-Only Home Defense Class!

You may have seen more reports of armed home invasions in the news headlines where an armed woman shoots an escaped inmate after he breaks into her home. Or a mom shoots home intruder after he kicks in the door.

But that isn’t anywhere close by, right? How about the elderly Renton man killed to steal his house? Or even closer? Remember the Maple Valley man defending his family in his home from armed attackers?

So why not just call the police? Of course you call them. However, in Seattle, their target response time is 7 minutes; their average is 9 minutes and is often > 14 minutes. And in the case of the Maple Valley man, police were more than 30 minutes away. Others report having to wait up to two hours. That is an eternity when someone is breaking in your door. And even when they do show up, they aren’t actually required by law to intervene and protect you.

So what do you do while you’re waiting for the police to arrive?

How do you protect yourself and your loved ones in your home?

You begin by recognizing that you and you alone are responsible for your own safety. And then you attend this training class to help you learn how to keep yourselves safe until the police can arrive. And then you train, train, train to help ensure you can keep you and your loved ones safe in your home.

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What You’ll Gain

When you join us for this course you’ll enjoy:

  • Increased self-confidence and situational awareness
  • Greater ability to defend yourself and your family inside your home
  • Knowledge of when to legally use lethal force-and the steps you can take before this last resort
  • Understanding of and a plan for the legal aftermath of a home defense shooting

Students have said this class was hugely valuable because they found out that every scenario they had in their head was wrong-they wouldn’t  actually work! The course challenged their assumptions and made them rethink a lot of their strategy.

In the end, they walked away with the confidence they had all the right answers to defend their home and stay on the right side of the law.

Course Prerequisites

This course is small and intimate-and for women-only. It is only open to graduates of our Women-Only Basic Protection Course as it adds many new skills to those learned in the previous course.

In very rare circumstances we may waive this prerequisite. If you have previously completed an NRA basic pistol or USCCA course, or have relevant military or law enforcement experience, contact us to discuss your qualifications.

Before coming to this class we need you to be perfectly comfortable and SAFE with your firearm manipulation (especially muzzle and trigger discipline), loading/unloading, and clearing common malfunctions before coming to this class. And, while not an absolute requirement, we strongly encourage you to have your own firearm in .380/9mm or larger caliber so you can be super familiar with it now, before you have to use it in a self-defense situation.

As well, we need you to very reliably hit the qualification targets we used in our Basic class–20 shots in a 4″ circle at 10 feet. We’ll teach additional shooting skills, but you need to master this step first.

For most ladies new to firearms who’ve just taken our Basic Protection Course, this typically requires a minimum of 4-5 Ladies Days at the Range. We have also seen ladies shortcut this process after attending a private training session, or a TON of dry fire practice.

Course participation is by invitation only. If you feel you’re ready and you meet the qualifications, please contact us or meet us at Ladies Day at the Range to discuss.

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What You’ll Learn

This course is designed from the ground up to give you the tools and tips you need to defend your home from an attacker, stay on the right side of the law, and increase your firearm proficiency so you can better defend yourself or your loved ones.

Our kick-ass criminal defense attorney talks in detail about the laws pertaining to self-defense inside/outside the home, and how to ensure you stay as far away as possible from anything that might sabotage your “self-defense” defense in court.

We’re delighted to welcome Attorney Andrea Kim, a practicing defense attorney with Ark Law. She will help us understand the laws regarding the use of deadly force in Washington State, your rights, and how to navigate the criminal and civil actions that may follow a defensive encounter. Andrea will share cases and anecdotes where self-defense was 100% justified and where the gray areas are.

We give you a great big bunch of ideas on how to harden your home to make it significantly harder for the bad guys to get in–and how to prepare to handle the worst-case scenario.

And finally, we amp up your shooting skills to help you perform better under pressure, achieve defensive accuracy, shoot rapidly but accurately, and how to shoot from behind cover or concealment to keep out of sight of the bad guys.

With the  blend of classroom and practical on-the-range instruction you’ll also  learn:

  • Psychology of situational awareness and self-defense
  • Basic defensive shooting skills
  • Strategies for protecting yourself and your loved ones inside your home
  • Considerations for selecting a home defense handgun and ammunition
  • Numerous tips for situational awareness, avoiding conflict, and personal protection

You’ll truly walk out of this class with a detailed action plan and tons of newfound confidence in your ability to defend your home and loved ones. 

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Course Logistics

The course runs from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Please join us at 8 am for espressos and lattes to fuel our chit-chat so you can get to know your soon-to-be-best friends! You’ll begin with instruction in a well-lit and comfortable classroom, with very clean restrooms. In the afternoon, we’ll move outdoors to the covered pistol shooting bay. If the weather is cold, we’ll warm up between shooting with a portable heater.

We will provide coffee, water, snacks, as well as a hot and hearty Dutch Oven lunch-this is not to be missed!

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a certificate of course completion.

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What to Bring

Please bring the following:

  1. Your own semi-automatic pistol in .380, 9mm (or greater) or a revolver of .38 Special caliber (or greater). Ideally this will be the handgun you intend to use for home defense. (If you don’t yet have a pistol, we can provide you with a 9mm pistol and 150 rounds of ammo for an additional $60–let us know via email)
  2. At least two magazines (semi-auto) or a speedloader (revolver)
  3. 150 rounds of factory ammunition suitable for the pistol you’re bringing
  4. Ear and eye protection. We highly recommend amplified hearing protection so you can hear range commands in a noisy environment. (If you don’t have protection, we will have some you can borrow)
  5. Baseball hat (to shield your eyes from the sun and from brass generously shared by your neighbor)
  6. Pen/Pencil
  7. Kneepads are encouraged, as we’ll be kneeling on the range for a portion of our course of fire
  8. Sturdy shoes/boots suitable for dirt and gravel. Please, no sandals, flip flops, or open toed shoes


Tuition for the course is $295 per person. If you would like to register to attend this class together with another qualified Basic Protection course graduate, you’ll each receive a $15 discount on tuition. If you’d like to rent a handgun (150 rounds of ammunition included), you may do so for an additional $60.


Payment is due at time of registration. Our facilities and instructors are pre-paid, so we cannot allow rescheduling or refunds. Upon registration, you will be asked to fill out a waiver and attest that you are eligible to handle firearms (i.e. no felonies).

Course Schedule and Registration

Course participation is by invitation only. If you feel you’re ready and you meet the qualifications, please contact us or meet us at Ladies Day at the Range to discuss. When you’re invited to participate, we’ll make one of the following courses open to you:

September 12, 2020 SOLD OUT!

If the courses are full or you aren’t able to attend one of the scheduled programs, contact us and we’ll add you to our waiting list to be notified the moment a new course is added.

We look forward to having you join us!


All courses are taught at the Cascade Shooting Facilities outdoor range in Ravensdale, Washington. The classroom instruction is at the range house nearby.

Who are your Instructors?

We are passionate about teaching women to protect themselves and their loved ones, enabling them to embark on their next adventure with confidence and security. All four of us are certified NRA instructors. We’ve been teaching classroom and practical programs for nearly two decades.

Curtis is the lead instructor, with nearly 20 years of training experience with people of all ages. He is an NRA-certified instructor for NRA Pistol, Home Defense, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Black Powder programs. He is also an NRA certified Range Safety Officer.

Becky is the reason we started all of this. She was tired of being dismissed in firearms training courses, and having to prove that she was a better shot than the instructor before she was welcomed into the club. Becky is adamant that women just need the opportunity to learn new skills in order to perform comparably. She has a degree in psychology which she leverages heavily to help women understand how to defend themselves. Becky is an NRA-certified instructor for NRA Pistol and is assisting in this course.

Kelsey has been shattering stereotypes her whole life. She enjoys challenging assumptions of what women are capable of doing. When not in business dress, she does 50-mile hikes and enjoys shooting the largest production revolvers and semi-automatic handguns available in the US (truly ‘big-ass’ handguns!). She is an NRA-certified instructor for NRA Pistol and is assisting in this course.

Katon is our resident armorer and firearms expert. He has been actively shooting for nearly a decade and enjoys defensive and competitive shooting. He is an NRA-certified instructor for NRA Pistol and is assisting in this course.

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