Volunteer/Range Safety Officer

Meet Steve

Introducing Steve Pickard – our very own god of the range. With his contagious enthusiasm for firearms and unwavering dedication to safety, Steve graces our classes and range to ensure the smooth operation of our live fire shooting segments. He is our steadfast cornerstone, having imparted his knowledge to numerous women over the years and consistently enhancing our core teaching team.

Steve has been a part of our journey since the early days, joining us from the second class we ever conducted. His tranquil and approachable demeanor makes it effortless for people to connect with him. Combined with his clear and concise instructional method, Steve makes learning a welcoming and effective process for our participants.

Over the years, Steve has played an instrumental role in refining our course materials and teaching techniques. He constantly encourages us to explore better ways of simplifying complex topics, making them more accessible and easily implementable for our students. Steve’s innovative mindset has significantly impacted our ability to convey comprehensive knowledge in an easy-to-grasp manner.

Adding a dash of fun to our sessions, Steve often brings an exciting collection of firearms to our classes and Ladies Day events. This allows our students to experience shooting with firearms they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to handle. By doing so, he broadens their perspectives and demonstrates that, with proper guidance, handling a range of fascinating firearms is not only doable but enjoyable and devoid of fear.

Steve’s contributions to our team are truly priceless. His calming presence and encouraging teaching style resonate deeply with our students, making him a beloved figure amongst our community. Steve is not just a team member – he is a cherished treasure, integral to our mission of empowering women through firearms education. His passion and commitment inspire us all and add immeasurable value to our program.