Meet Nicole

Introducing Nicole McGinnis, an inspiration to all women and a testament to resilience and determination. A victim of an attempted home invasion, Nicole found herself one night defending her home and children with just a kitchen knife. Despite the trauma, she resolved not to become a victim. This harrowing incident fueled her journey towards self-reliance and self-defense, leading her straight to us for private firearm training.

Nicole shot her first gun with us, a moment that sparked more than just a hobby. She began attending our ‘Ladies Day at the Range’ events, helping other women develop the confidence and competence she was starting to enjoy. Proudly purchasing her first gun marked a significant milestone in her journey, reinforcing her commitment to protect herself and her loved ones.

Ever the go-getter, Nicole did not stop at being a gun owner. She evolved into an essential member of our team, helping in our classes and later becoming an NRA certified instructor. For over a year, she shared her unique insights and personal experiences, teaching others the art of self-defense. But her desire to grow didn’t stop there.

Nicole discovered her love for competitive shooting sports and joined the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). Under the mentorship of our instructor, Katon, she honed her skills and became an outstanding competitive shooter. Today, she competes in matches nearly every weekend, and keeps sharp with dry fire practice every night after her children go to bed.

Nicole’s journey from a traumatic experience to being her own hero is truly awe-inspiring. She exemplifies what it means to rise above adversity and empowers others to do the same through her teaching in the classroom, on the range, and one-on-one instruction. As a dedicated competitive shooter and an exceptional instructor, Nicole’s story inspires us all to be fearless, resilient, and self-reliant. Here’s to Nicole – may we all be as brave as her.