Lead instructor

Meet Kelsey

Introducing Kelsey Bingham, a powerhouse personality dedicated to shattering stereotypes and challenging assumptions about what women can achieve. Kelsey’s vibrant energy and dynamic spirit make her a beacon for those seeking to push their boundaries. When she isn’t impressing others in her business attire, Kelsey relishes shooting some of the largest production revolvers and semi-automatic handguns available in the US, challenging the norm, and setting her own rules. As an NRA-certified instructor, she brings her passion and knowledge for firearms to our team and our students.

Beyond her zest for life and love for firearms, Kelsey’s personality shines brightly, making her a magnet for fun. She is known for making instant friends, putting everyone at ease, and fostering an environment of safety and comfort in our classrooms.

Her passion for firearms can be traced back to her teenage years, when she would bring her friends to the range and introduce them to the sport, cultivating in them a deep respect and admiration for firearms.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Kelsey’s pursuits vary from undertaking a 50-mile hike through Wyoming’s Grand Tetons to Olympic Weightlifting to mastering public speaking and network group presentations. Her tenacity extends to learning graphic art tools like Photoshop, teaching herself to build websites, and <…drumroll please…> acquiring an advanced psychology degree in counseling with a specialization in trauma.

Kelsey’s psychology background adds a unique dimension to our training program, equipping her to guide women who may harbor a fear of firearms empathetically. Her gentle, nurturing approach has been instrumental in teaching our students that firearms, like any tool, can be used safely with the right training and respect.

Moreover, her trauma counseling expertise allows her to identify and assist students who grapple with anxiety or fear as they learn to handle firearms. Kelsey has the remarkable ability to validate and reframe these fears and, most importantly, to celebrate with our students as they conquer their apprehensions, turning their fear into empowerment.

As one of our core instructors, Kelsey has made an invaluable contribution to our program. Her impact is profound and far-reaching, shaping the experiences of our students and enhancing the quality of our teaching.