Lead instructor

Meet Katon

Meet Katon Bingham, a Grand Master-level USPSA competition shooter, an exceptional resident armorer, and firearms expert with nearly a decade of experience. Katon excels in defensive and competitive shooting and thrives in teaching others how to compete effectively.

Katon has displayed exceptional talent, rapidly achieving Grand Master Class in USPSA (US Practical Shooting Association) – the highest ranking possible, and top 5% in the nation! His knack for dissecting and evaluating shooting best practices has proved invaluable to our team, helping us to discard outdated lore and ineffective methods that have long been perpetuated by less diligent instructors.

Well-loved by his students, Katon’s incredible patience, clarity, and encouraging approach make him a favorite among those new to shooting. His supportive teaching style shines as they face their fears and attempt shooting firearms for the first time. But Katon’s expertise isn’t limited to beginners; he also effectively trains experienced shooters in both tactical and competitive shooting. Many of his students, inspired by their training, have joined the competition shooting circuit and have achieved high placements within just a year of being introduced to shooting.

As our resident armorer, Katon ensures our firearms are always in top condition. His expertise is crucial in acquiring and evaluating new firearms, focusing on those particularly suited for new and competition shooters. With experience running training courses for the Cerberus Training Group in Goldendale, Washington, along with numerous independent programs, Katon’s proficiency in instruction is highly regarded.

An NRA-certified instructor for NRA Pistol, Katon plays a pivotal role in our courses.

Katon’s calm demeanor, endless patience with new shooters, and unyielding passion for fostering excellence in others make him an irreplaceable member of our team. His dedication to helping others overcome their fears and excel in their shooting skills embodies our organization’s spirit.