Instructor/Chief Range Safety Officer

Meet JoDee

Presenting JoDee Ferrell – a remarkable asset to our team whose contributions have consistently enhanced our mission. Drawn to our community a few years ago as she neared retirement, JoDee sought meaningful relationships and a way to spend her time that would profoundly impact others. Her journey with us started as a range gatekeeper volunteer, but after participating in one of our ‘Ladies Day at the Range’ events, she became passionately committed to our cause.

Seeing the value in what we do – educating and empowering women – JoDee was quick to broaden her knowledge base. She swiftly sought out instructor training and became a USCCA-certified instructor, bringing her vast experience from a thirty-year career in the vision care field to our organization. At Johnson & Johnson Vision, JoDee had made a significant impact, working closely with doctors, staff, and patients to promote and educate them about the first disposable contact lenses on the market. Her remarkable communication skills and her knack for simplifying complex information for diverse audiences earned her a place in the top 20% of salespeople at the company.

Today, JoDee applies these excellent teaching and communication abilities at Adventure Protection, where she has been one of our core instructors from the early days. But her drive for personal growth didn’t stop at becoming an instructor; she also attained certifications as a Range Safety Officer (RSO) and, more recently, as a Chief RSO. This latest achievement empowers her to train and certify other women as Range Safety Officers, furthering our mission to keep women safe.

Expanding her personal knowledge, JoDee has recently begun reloading her own ammunition – a skill proving to be useful as she has also started participating in USPSA competitions. JoDee’s contributions to our team go beyond her teaching prowess; she is an incredible asset due to her ability to connect with women in the firearms field, continually improving our instruction methods. Her coaching skills on the range, combined with her dedication to building fundamental knowledge and confidence in our students, make her truly invaluable to our community.