Instructor/Range Safety Officer

Meet Jason

Meet Jason Lewis, our charismatic volunteer whose dedication to empowering women is truly remarkable. Known fondly as our resident “teddy bear,” Jason brings with him a wealth of practical experience from his time in the military, private contracting, and private security sectors. His insights and knowledge, especially on home defense, provide our students with invaluable, practical skills to safeguard their homes against potential threats.

Jason’s journey with us began from a personal place – he hoped his wife would benefit from our classes. A firm believer in self-protection, Jason, a long-time firearm enthusiast, wanted his wife to feel secure, especially during his absences. His wish became a reality when his wife not only embraced our program but fell in love with it. Today, both are range safety officers and devoted volunteers, helping us in our mission to empower women and enhance their safety.

Jason’s optimistic attitude, combined with his passion for what he does, has made him an invaluable addition to our core team. He is a champion of our cause, steadfastly recognizing the incredible value in equipping women with the skills and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones. His positive impact is felt by all those he guides and mentors, making him a beloved member of our Adventure Protection family.