Instructor/Range Safety Officer

Meet Cyndi

Meet Cyndi Johannson, a passionate advocate for women’s self-defense and a member of our teaching team. Cyndi began her journey with us just a few years ago when she decided to treat herself to our Women-Only Basic Protection Class on her birthday. It didn’t take long for her to discover a profound love for firearms and the empowering effect they can have.

Regularly attending our Ladies’ Day at the Range, Cyndi didn’t miss a beat in learning and mastering the various firearms we had to offer. She was so passionate about our program that she returned with a friend to retake our basic class a year later. Meanwhile, at her new job, she found a kindred spirit in a colleague who also graduated from our course.

Cyndi’s fascination with firearms extended beyond our classes. As soon as her budget allowed, she began building her personal collection of firearms for home defense, concealed carry, and pure enjoyment. With consistent practice and dedication, she honed her shooting skills remarkably well.

She attended Ladies’ Day at the Range for many months and expressed interest in helping more women. Cyndi had a knack for supporting and encouraging women in their journey toward self-defense, which led to our invitation for her to become an NRA-certified instructor. She accepted with enthusiasm. She also became an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO).

Ever since, Cyndi has been an invaluable part of our teaching team. She continually learns and evolves, discovering the most effective ways to convey her knowledge to other women in our classes. Cyndi is a shining example of how quickly one can become proficient and confident with the right instruction and a dedicated mindset.

We take immense pride in Cyndi’s rapid progress and the valuable asset she has become to the women we teach. She is living proof that with determination and excellent instruction, anyone can master the art of self-defense relatively quickly.

We celebrate Cyndi and her unwavering commitment to empowering women through firearm safety and proficiency.