Chief instructor

Meet Curtis

Meet Curtis Bingham, our founder and Chief Instructor with a rich experience of nearly two decades in training individuals of all age groups.

Prior to dedicating himself to firearms instruction, Curtis spent almost 20 years advising Fortune 100 company executives on creating impactful customer experiences and strengthening customer engagement. This professional background shaped his approach, leading him to create an extraordinary learning environment and empowering experiences for women learning to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Curtis strongly believes that true learning can only occur in an environment of safety and comfort. In stark contrast to the “bring a thick skin” approach often seen in firearm training programs, Curtis has curated a training environment that values support, encouragement, and respect for each individual’s journey. Nothing thrills him more than seeing his students transform from fearful and anxious to confident and empowered.

Under Curtis’ leadership, every instructor, Range Safety Officer, and volunteer is carefully selected and trained to reflect the ethos of Adventure Protection – warmth, care, encouragement, and positivity.

He is committed to delivering accurate information and debunking myths often propagated in the firearm community. He prioritizes the implementation of best practices, tested and proven in competition shooting and other sectors, rather than simply perpetuating generational knowledge.

Although not a fan of politics, Curtis recognizes the importance of being active in local, state, and even federal politics to counteract anti-gun agendas. To this end, Curtis co-founded the Washington Civil Rights Association. His aim was to give gun owners a stronger voice in Olympia to protect their rights to defend their lives and those of their loved ones.

An NRA-certified instructor, Curtis holds certifications in NRA Pistol, Home Defense, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Black Powder programs. He is also an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.

Above all, Curtis revels in the moments when women realize they can ‘Be Your Own Damn Hero’. His dedication to empowering women and inspiring confidence is at the heart of his work and the mission of Adventure Protection.