Lead Instructor

Meet Becky

Meet Becky Bingham, the inspirational force behind our organization. Her relentless pursuit of an inclusive space for women in firearms training was born from her own experiences of being overlooked and dismissed in such courses. Now an NRA-certified instructor, she uses her own experiences to ensure that no woman feels undermined in her pursuit of acquiring firearm skills.

Becky holds a degree in psychology, a resource she heavily draws upon to refine our courses. Her keen understanding of the human psyche gives her unique insights into situational awareness, effective de-escalation techniques, and safe extrication strategies from fraught and dangerous situations. These insights are woven into our curriculum, providing our students with practical, actionable strategies.

Her background in psychology also enables her to tailor our course content and instructional methods to suit the needs of women. Becky has been instrumental in ensuring our teaching is respectful and reaches women at any stage in their journey to effectively and safely use firearms.

Renowned for her empathetic nature, Becky has a knack for creating a warm, welcoming environment for our students. Her intuitive understanding of individual needs means she is always there with a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or praise for a job well done.

While only slightly competitive, Becky is an active competitor in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). When not teaching classes, she’s competing and fostering her not-so-secret ambition of forming a large, formidable group of female competitors to join her in monthly matches.

But beyond her competitive nature and educational prowess, Becky embodies our motto, “Be Your Own Damn Hero”. She is a woman who is unafraid of fear because she knows the power of confronting and overcoming it. Her relentless determination to acquire practical skills to defend herself and her family has made her an inspirational figure to our students. By sharing her journey, she empowers other women to adopt the motto and inspires them to Be Their Own Damn Hero.