Stylish Heroine Range Bags

Introducing the Adventure Protection Heroine Range Bag!

Don’t settle for boring, black “tacticool” when it comes to your range gear! Head to the range in STYLE with the our super stylish, custom-made, one-of-a-kind Heroine Range bag!

We’ve tried so many range bags. They’re all tacticool, black, boring, and did I mention black? And full of useless pockets, rings, and doo-dads that served no purpose. They all seemed to be a copy of a copy of a copy designed eons ago.  NONE actually worked well for us. 

So we decided to create our own, super stylish Heroine Range Bag. We discovered that one of our own ladies who took our class is a wizard when it comes to sewing and we just knew we had to create something way better than anything else on the market. Together we designed this new bag that is PERFECT for women, and PERFECT for taking one or two pistols to Ladies Day at the Range!

The Heroine bags are one-of-a-kind! The fabric is very limited; combinations are carefully chosen and each bag is created with love and care. When they’re gone, they’re gone!  If you see one you like, you should buy it right now because it may not be there tomorrow!

Email us now to with a description of the Heroine Range Bag you want to order and we’ll send you an invoice and arrange for pickup in Enumclaw or Covington. We can also ship it to you for an additional $15.

The Magical Bag of Holding

The mark of a GREAT purse or bag is how easily you can carry and organize what you need, while looking like you’re effortlessly carrying nothing at all.  

This chic, magical bag of holding can fit ALL the things you need on a range trip! And you look simply mahvelous while doing so. 

  • One (maybe even two!) pistols in the flexible cut-away interior pocket
  • Box of ammo (or two!)
  • Full-size, muff-style ear-protection
  • Foam ear protection in an interior mesh pocket
  • Eye protection in an interior mesh pocket
  • Cleaning kit and First aid kit in the interior zipper pocket
  • Range badge 
  • Cell phone
  • Car keys clipped to the outside
  • Up to 5 magazines in stretch elastic holders
  • Pen for autographing that particularly awesome target for bragging rights
  • Sharpie for making your own target on paper
  • Uplula (this one’s critical to making your life easier in loading magazines!)

And there’s still one more outside pocket for MORE!

Because each one is handmade by a local artisan, there are only 4-6 bags made each month. These are truly works of art that’ll last you nearly forever!

Here are the currently available bags:

Very Limited Availability

These bags are one of a kind and in very limited supply. When a bag is gone, it is gone!

The fabric is hand-selected in small batches during travels around the country and shipped in. There are no guarantees that another will ever be made just like it. 

Our local artisan is only making four to six bags a month, so these are going to sell out. We want to keep quality high and support our favorite artisan so we’ll never have these made in China. You’ll never see these on Etsy and DEFINITELY not at Costco! These are exclusive to us!

If you see one you like you should buy it asap—because the next person who comes in for a fitting might just walk out with it!

Design features

This bag has so many cool design features!

We designed the Heroine Range Bag to be big enough to take all your fun targets (and even the printed range rules) with you to the range in a manila folder. All the bags we’ve used (even our biggest range bag!) are too short, resulting in all the manila folder tabs becoming ragged from being zipped into the zippers! With the Heroine bag, you’ll have no more ragged edges or folded targets that won’t lay flat on the backer board!

It is big enough for your over-the ear muff-style hearing protection. We LOVE the Peltor Sport Tactical 300 or 500 (with Bluetooth). And getting them to fit in a small bag was hard without squishing them to death. 

It is big enough to fit a box or even two of ammo. There’s no longer a need to stuff your pockets full of ammo or risk bumbling the ammo boxes on your way from the car to the range bench!

Everything goes inside the magical bag of holding! 

And it is stout enough to hold it all, while still looking stylish!

We specifically designed a pocket to make your range badge easily accessible. There is nothing worse than having to pull over to dig through your range bag for your badge while people are waiting for you to sign in at the gate! We sized the badge pocket to fit badges from Cascade Shooting Facilities (vertical) and Renton Fish & Game Club (horizontal). 

And there’s a cell phone pocket!  Whether you’re old school Nokia or new school iPhone 13 Pro Max, it’ll fit just fine! So you don’t have to stuff your phone into the abysmally small girl-pockets in your jeans or carefully lodge it in your top! 

Clip your keys to the outside hook on the bag so you don’t make the mistake of leaving them in (or on!) your car, or worse, dropping them along the way to the range!

Store your foam ear and eye protection in special mesh pockets to keep things organized and easily accessible. 

Safe firearm storage

You roll up to the range, say hello to all your besties, and you realize you need eyes and ears before the range goes hot. You open up your pistol case to get your eyes and ears—and the RSO jumps out of her skin because you have an open firearm behind the line on a cold range! 

We wanted some way that you could easily carry your firearm without the stupid, bulky, hard case, AND allow you to get eyes, ears, ammo, magazines, and all the other kit you need before the shooting starts, while keeping the firearm SUPER safe and out of reach.

With this bag you can place the firearm in the super voluminous side pocket with the stretchy opening that keeps it secure. The lining between the firearm pocket and the main pouch is reinforced to make it extremely difficult if not impossible to activate the trigger while the firearm is stored in the pocket. 

Of course, you’ll ensure that the firearm is unloaded and double-check the chamber before inserting it into the pocket!

Contrasting cleaning kit bag

Each Heroine Bag comes with a contrasting zippered cleaning kit bag. This is a minor work of art! Our artist has taken the contrasting colors of the bag and matched them up in a unique way to make a cleaning kit bag that holds way more than it should! It even has a water-resistant lining!

If you purchase a firearm we’ll fill it with a basic cleaning kit that’ll take care of most of your cleaning needs! 

Fabrics & Care 

These Heroine Bags come in a variety of gorgeous upholstery fabrics or vinyls durable enough to last a long time.  

Shooting inherently involves dirt. Which is probably why all the tacticool bags are black. 

You can spray the fabric with a fabric protectant to keep dirt and grime off the bag, allowing you to dust it off more easily. 

The vinyl bags will be even more dirt-resistant and easily cleanable with a damp cloth.

About our Favorite Local Artisan

While getting lashes done, the salon owner told us her mother was a seamstress making exquisite masks for sale at the salon. She laughingly shared with us tales of her mother’s obsession with buying large amounts of fabric everywhere she goes, including on all her vacations around the country! 

Angela was experimenting with making her own purses and when we saw them we KNEW we had to have her custom make range bags! Both she and her daughter had taken our class instantly related to our struggle to find the perfect range bag!

We sat down with Angela and shared all the frustrations with the stupid range bags we’ve had to put up with for YEARS, and described what we wanted to create.

She soaked it all in, sketched it out, and built a prototype that was amazing even in its rough form.

She made some invaluable additions like 

  • Longer handles so you can sling it over your shoulder and keep your hands free
  • Cell phone pocket—because god the tiny pants pockets are the WORST
  • Larger side pockets to hold everything!

The designs keep getting better and better with each iteration! She’s added more structure in the side walls, stouter zippers, key ring clip, slightly larger internal and external pockets, and more.

Kelsey, who has a natural ability to match colors & patterns, went to her workshop and OMG, it was like a kid in a candy store! Fabrics galore! She chose the fabric pairings for the first handful of range bags. 

Each pairing is carefully chosen to be durable and stylish. Some are flashy, some are conservative. But all are gorgeous!