Special Ammo Purchase

Special Ammo Purchase
for Adventure Protection Course Graduates only

We’ve stumbled into some more 9mm, .223,  and .45(SOLD OUT)!

This time we are offering it to you WITH NO QUANTITY LIMITS.

The order closes on January 15. Please make your selection RIGHT now with the quantity you want of each caliber to pay before it is gone!


We’ve been able to secure a very limited supply of 9mm, .223, and .45 that is being made ONLY FOR YOU. I got lucky and found supplies for the ammo manufacturer who agreed to make them all up for us. After this batch is gone, he is completely out of stock for the near future!

This is ONLY FOR YOU as a member of our amazing course graduates. Not for neighbors, friends, 3rd cousins etc. ONLY YOU!

9mm: $600/1k
.223: $750/1k (SOLD OUT)
.45: $700/1k (SOLD OUT)

When it is sold out, it is GONE and won’t come back unless a miracle happens.

A note on prices:

I’ve added a bit to cover our costs in managing the logistics. We must charge tax on this order, unfortunately.

These prices are higher than before but they’re still good-and available for pickup in just a few weeks.

As you know, there is no ammo in the stores-and very little online. Demand has increased by a MINIMUM of 700 million new rounds/year.

Right now, if you can find it in stores, 9mm is going for .80-1.35/round, .45 is $1.00-$1.35/round, and .223 is .85-1.00/round. And prices are changing on a dime. You might find it cheaper if you look really hard or get lucky–in which case you should absolutely buy it!

You’re most definitely not obligated to buy from us. We’re merely trying to share available ammo where it might not be available elsewhere.

About the ammo:

Just like before, this ammo is made by High Desert Cartridge Company, a commercial manufacturer in Washington. It is technically considered “remanufactured” ammo (as opposed to “new”). We use this ammo in our classes, training, and in competition.

Order now

About pickup:
The ammo is in-stock now. Contact us for arrangements for pickup in Ravensdale or Fife.

Questions? Give me a shout! curtis@adventureprotection.org (978) 226-8675