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Master marksmanship with the MantisX X10 Elite, your personal shooting coach. Offering real-time feedback on muzzle movement, this tool helps improve trigger pull, grip, and accuracy. Ideal for both dry and live fire, it’s perfect for home and range training. Enhance your skills with this invaluable aid, especially recommended for the Elegant Guardian Protector Level course.

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Elevate your shooting skills with the MantisX X10 Elite, your personal instructor in a box. This innovative tool is designed to provide instant feedback on your shooting technique, making it an essential companion for any woman dedicated to mastering marksmanship. Whether you’re new to firearms or looking to refine your skills, the MantisX X10 is a game-changer.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Feedback: The X10’s accelerometer analyzes muzzle movement during the trigger press, offering immediate feedback on your performance.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both dry fire and live fire sessions, with easy switching between modes in the app.
  • Instant Scoring: Each trigger press yields a score, with a directional indicator showing muzzle movement, helping you understand and correct errors in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: From grip to trigger pull, recoil management to sighting errors, the X10 covers it all, teaching you to manage every aspect of shooting.
  • Compatibility: It mounts effortlessly to the underside of most firearms and connects via Bluetooth to your phone.
  • PlayBack Mode: A unique feature that visually replays your trigger press, emphasizing muzzle movement for better understanding.
  • Instructional Content: Comes with lessons and guides from developers to ease you into the app and optimize your training sessions.


  • Self-Improvement: Diagnose and correct common shooting errors like grip and sighting issues.
  • Efficient Training: Perfect for home and range use, enhancing your practice sessions.
  • Instant Results: See immediate improvements in accuracy and stability.
  • Engaging Exercises: Comes with lessons and guides to maximize your training experience.

The MantisX X10 is an invaluable tool for anyone keen on mastering marksmanship. It’s particularly recommended for beginners or those enrolling in our Elegant Guardian Protector Level course, where it becomes a critical component in accelerating your learning.

We love the MantisX X10 because it is like have an instructor in a box.

When we’re right next to you, we can easily diagnose reasons why you might be missing the target and give you pointers to dial into superb accuracy. We can give you tips on improving your grip or trigger press. We can show you how to tighten your forearms and biceps to better manage recoil. We can help with sighting errors.

But when we’re not there, it is sometimes super frustrating not to be able to hit the target–and not have any idea why.

While it can’t replace a one-on-one with an instructor, the MantisX is a great tool that serves as an “instructor in a box” to give you instant feedback on how to improve.

It mounts to the underside of your firearm (for most firearms), and connects via Bluetooth to your phone. Inside, there is an accelerometer that measures the movement of the muzzle of your firearm right before, during, and after the trigger press. If you recall, there is a momentary delay between the time you press the trigger and the bullet leaves the muzzle. If there is ANY movement of the muzzle during the trigger press, the muzzle will be pointed in a slightly different direction, and the bullet will impact in a different location than where you aimed!

This is invaluable for dry fire AND live fire–you can switch modes in the app. With every trigger press your score will show up on the screen, along with a directional indicator of where the muzzle moved. Strong movements result in lower scores; minimal movements in higher scores. Can you score 100? Very few can. You can swipe in the app to see other information, including a very cool playback mode that plays back your trigger press and clearly shows the muzzle movement.

This immediate feedback can provide you with an invaluable barometer that will show you where to improve.

Also included are several lessons and guides from the developers to help you become familiar with the app and guide you through specific exercises.

We highly recommend this training aid, especially to those who’re new to firearms and especially if you’re enrolling in our Elegant Guardian Protector Level course which will leverage this critical tool to accelerate your learning.

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