BarrelBlok Dry Fire Safety Training Aid


Ensure ultimate firearm safety with BarrelBlok! Ideal for new firearm users, especially in family settings, it visually signals a safe, inert firearm, fits multiple calibers, and requires no disassembly. Train confidently, maintain full gun functionality, and protect your firearm during dry firing. BarrelBlok is your key to safe, realistic training.

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BarrelBlok: Your Ultimate Handgun Safety Solution

BarrelBlok is an essential safety tool for anyone new to firearms and prioritizing safety, especially in households with children. This versatile device ensures your handgun is rendered completely safe while providing a clear visual indicator that your firearm is inert and non-functional, easing any concerns about firearm safety during practice. We use these in our in-person classes because there is absolutely no possibility that live ammunition can be inserted during dry-fire practice!

Why Choose BarrelBlok:

  1. Easy Visual Safety Check: With BarrelBlok, you can instantly reassure yourself and others that your handgun is safe for handling and training. Its distinct appearance makes the safety status of your firearm immediately apparent.
  2. Versatile Fit for Multiple Calibers: BarrelBlok is available in 380, 9mm, and .45 calibers and will universally fit any pistol of the same caliber. BarrelBlokffers versatility and convenience. Whether you’re using different handguns or sharing with a friend, it’s the perfect fit.
  3. No Disassembly Needed: Insert BarrelBlok into your firearm without any need for disassembly or tools. This easy-to-use device allows you to transition smoothly from training mode to a ready state by simply inserting or removing it from the barrel.
  4. Dry Fire Practice Made Safe: Protect your firing pin from damage during dry fire exercises. BarrelBlok not only makes training safe but also extends the life of your handgun.
  5. Adjustable for Different Barrel Lengths: Suitable for barrel lengths up to 6 inches, BarrelBlok can be trimmed to fit your specific firearm, ensuring a perfect fit.
  6. Realistic Training Experience: Train with the actual weight and feel of your firearm, not a dummy gun. You can safely practice dry-firing and various other training drills, enhancing the practicality of your training.
  7. Maintain Full Functionality: Your handgun remains fully functional with BarrelBlok inserted. You can manipulate all controls and even holster your firearm as usual, ensuring comprehensive and realistic training.
  8. Complete Training Package: Each BarrelBlok package includes one (1) BarrelBlok, three (3) MagBlok magazine inserts, and an instructional booklet, equipping you with everything needed for a secure training session.

Your Safety is Our Priority: BarrelBlok is more than just a training tool; it’s your partner in ensuring a safe and confident firearm handling experience. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re practicing safely and effectively with BarrelBlok.

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.380, 9mm, .45


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