Elegant Guardian: Protector Level Bundle

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The Protector Level of the Elegant Defender Online Course represents the ultimate in self-defense training, combining all benefits of previous tiers with exclusive expert access and advanced tools. Engage in bi-weekly live discussions with industry experts, receive personalized guidance, and utilize cutting-edge training aids like MantisX and Mantis Laser Academy. Ideal for those deeply committed to mastering self-defense, this tier offers a comprehensive and unparalleled learning experience.

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The Protector Level of the Elegant Defender Online Course is the pinnacle of our offering, tailored for those who seek the highest level of expertise and engagement in their self-defense training. This tier includes all the benefits of both the Guardian and Hero Levels and introduces exclusive access to expert knowledge and advanced training tools.

Exclusive Features and Benefits:

  • Bi-Weekly Office Hours: Participate with other Protector-level students in live, bi-weekly Zoom meetings led by your course instructors and other industry experts. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to discuss training challenges, current events, best practices, legal aspects of self-defense, concealed carry, and more.
  • Direct Expert Access: Have your specific questions addressed directly by professionals. This intimate setting allows for personalized guidance and in-depth discussion, enhancing your understanding and skills.
  • Peer Interaction and Learning: Share your experiences, challenges, and insights with other women who are equally committed to mastering self-defense. This platform fosters a strong sense of community and mutual learning.
  • Targeted MantisX and Mantis Laser Academy Recommendations: Receive weekly, specialized recommendations for using MantisX and Mantis Laser Academy tools. These suggestions are tailored to improve the quality and effectiveness of your training, ensuring that you get the most out of these training aids.
  • Enhanced Training Experience: With access to cutting-edge training tools and expert advice, you’re equipped to take your skills to the highest level, ensuring comprehensive preparedness and confidence in your self-defense abilities.

The Protector Level is ideal for those who are deeply committed to their self-defense journey and seek to leverage expert guidance and advanced training tools for an unparalleled learning experience.

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