Run the Gun Class

We are excited to host a new course designed to help you and your loved ones survive a stressful self-defense situation.

Steve Shields instructing Day 1, Pistol

Developed by Steve Shields of Cerberus Training and delivered by Katon Bingham, the Run the Gun™ course is designed to catapult your firearm handling skills from competent to excellent and beyond.

This course will make all the complications of firearm manipulation automatically fade into the background, ensuring you can focus on the developing self-defense situation around you.

The course will be held on TBD. It is co-ed and open to all competent shooters. It covers both pistol and rifle.

Steve demonstrating clearing malfunctions

If you want to join us for the course, you need to register ASAP. The course enrollment is very limited to ensure you receive hands-on instruction. There is stilll space in the rifle course but the pistol course is FULL.

If you want to be notified of another course in the future, please email

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What You’ll Gain

When you take the Run the Gun course you will:

  • Dramatically increase the chances of successfully defending yourself and your loved ones from attackers
  • Develop confidence in your ability to perform at peak levels in high-stress, self-defense situations
  • Ensure firearm manipulation becomes second nature so you can focus on defending yourself rather than fighting the gun
  • Demonstrate competence and ability to perform under pressure through NUMEROUS shooting drills

Course Overview

Bombing down I-5 at 70 mph in heavy traffic is not the time to be learning how to check blind spots, signal lane changes, or estimate stopping distance.

Similarly, stressful self-defense situations are not the time to learn how to clear malfunctions, get rapid shots on target, or estimate hold over so you don’t miss the shot.

This course is designed to make pistol and rifle manipulation 2ndnature, practicing them until they are natural and seemingly unconscious actions.

You’ll do a LOT of shooting drills, practicing accuracy vs. speed, clearing malfunctions, hold-overs, and more, all at different distances. And you’ll do it under stress to make sure you’re successful.

During his law enforcement tenure, Steve witnessed countless examples of police officers doing the wrong things under stress, potentially jeopardizing their lives: officers repeatedly attempting to insert the magazine backward, or holstering a pistol with the slide locked back and walking around a dangerous crime scene for 12 minutes before all suspects were in custody. He discovered how training had failed these officers, and he corrected it to equip them better to handle extremely stressful and dangerous situations—and save their lives. This course is a culmination of those hundreds of training improvements. Steve teaches the practical, efficient, “save your life” methods that he’s developed and taught SWAT, law enforcement, and civilians.

The Run the Gun course has two components:  pistol and rifle. Each component is typically a two-day course, for a total of four days. For us, he’s compressed the instruction into 1 action-packed day for pistol and one day for rifle. You can sign up for one day or both days. Trust us—you’ll want both days!

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What You’ll Learn

After taking this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Balance speed vs. accuracy: know when to speed up and when to slow down
  • Manage recoil and get back on target faster
  • Clear malfunctions and load/reload more efficiently and rapidly than you thought possible
  • Identify and handle multiple incoming threats
  • Get on target accurately and RAPIDLY, adjusting for varying distances in the heat of the situation

You’ll shoot a TON of drills, and you’ll do them again under pressure. Through this intense practice, you’ll know you can focus on a high-stress situation because you’ll have an absolute familiarity with your firearm as an extension of your arm. And you’ll clearly understand the skills you need to continue to practice to defend yourself and your loved ones.

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Who Should Come?

This course is co-ed and open to competent to even advanced shooters. As instructors, we consider ourselves very competent edging towards advanced, and it was an intense two days of learning that dramatically improved our skills. It is not for new shooters.

Some of our female course graduates are absolutely ready for this next-level training. If you would like an honest assessment of your skills before registering, send us a note. If you’ve completed our women-only Basic Pistol and haven’t been regularly shooting, it might be worth coming back to our Ladies Days and continuing to develop your skills before advancing to this course.

This might be for you even if you’re into IPSC, USPSA and aren’t yet “A” rated.

We’ve often been asked for courses for the husbands, boyfriends, or significant others. Feel free to invite your friends who might be interested as well.


Cost is $250/day or $450 for both the Rifle and Pistol days.


Payment is due at registration. Our facilities and instructors are pre-paid, so we cannot allow rescheduling or refunds. Upon registration, you will be asked to fill out a waiver and attest that you are eligible to handle firearms (i.e., no felonies).


The classes are nearly sold out.

Date: No dates currently scheduled
Location: TBD
Pricing: $295/day, or $550 for both days

To register, click the link below and then the button labeled ADD TO CART:

If you want to be notified of another course in the future, please email

Course Logistics

The course runs from 8:00 am to at least 5 pm each day, regardless of the weather. We’ll take ~1/2 hour lunch and working water/snack breaks.

What to Bring

Katon: Loaded with SNACKS!

Please bring the following:

  • For pistol, you’ll need a semi-automatic self-defense pistol + 500 rounds of ammunition, and a good outside the waistband holster
    • Blade-tech makes great, inexpensive holsters for many common pistols in RH or LH. You can also find these on
    • We particularly like the Tek-Lok attachment as it is easy on/off
    • And we particularly like the Drop and Offset attachment that helps lower the holster just a little and move it away from the body.
    • Please do not bring FOBUS or Blackhawk SERPA holsters–they are uncomfortable and unsafe, respectively.
    • Minimum of 3 magazines
  • For rifle, you’ll need a semi-automatic carbine rifle (i.e. AR-15) + 500 rounds of ammunition and a rifle sling. 
    • Any double or single-point sling will work. The goal is to ensure that you can hang and safe the rifle during instruction or reloading.
    • Minimum of three (3) 30rd magazines, six (6) is ideal
    • Note: We won’t be using muzzle brakes–change to a flash hider beforehand or borrow one from the instructor.
  • And in general you’ll need:
    • Cleaning gear for your firearm(s)
    • At least 5 dummy rounds/snap caps for each firearm caliber
    • Magazine loader for your magazine (upLula, MagLula, StripLula, etc.) to ensure rapid loading and minimize downtime.
    • Ear & eye protection (amplified electronic ear protection encouraged)
    • Lunch in a suitable cooler
    • Snacks
    • Water
    • Sunscreen(!)
    • Baseball cap
    • Camp chair for breaks and lunch
    • Avoid low-cut shirts or open-toed shoes while shooting—sometimes hot brass goes where it isn’t welcome!

Discounted ammunition can be purchased from the instructor if arranged in advance.

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Katon Bingham: Instructor, Competitor, Instructor Extraordinaire

During the past three years, Katon Bingham has taught hundreds of shooters solid fundamentals and dramatically improved their skills, accuracy, and safety.  

He is an everyman without allegiance to any one institutional method, choosing instead to focus his voracious appetite for learning to master and teach highly efficient, practical, save-your-life skills. Katon has been shooting for nearly 15 years, and training heavily under Steve Shields for the past three years. He has a well-developed ability to distill concepts into instruction that anyone can understand, from novice to experienced, helping them skyrocket in skills and especially in confidence.

Katon teaches this course in collaboration with Cerberus Training, operated by Steve Shields.

Steve Shields is famous for his NO BS foundation of efficient, practical, street-tested, “save your life” training. He’s trained more than 1000 law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, and civilians during his 28 years in law enforcement and 25+ years in LE instruction.  He developed the training curriculum for many Puget Sound law enforcement agencies.

You can read more about Steve on his website:

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