Purchase a Firearm: Concierge Firearms Dealer for Women

So many of you have told us of bad experiences buying your first firearm.  That’s simply not acceptable! You deserve so much better! 

Come in for a private fitting and purchase your first firearm with us!  Or your 2nd or 3rd–we freely admit to being enablers!  

We have GORGEOUS custom range bags, conceal carry holsters and tons of AMMO!

We make buying a firearm a great experience–just like shopping at your favorite department store with our concierge buying experience specially tailored to women and particularly new shooters.  

When you schedule a fitting, we’ll help you find the perfect firearm that suits your needs and your hands.

Planning on conceal carrying? Home defense? Just want a fun firearm to practice? Need a rifle or shotgun? Perfect! We can find the best option that fits you !

We’ll share solutions we’ve found that truly work and ensure the firearm, concealed carry holsters, purse, and easy-access storage options are just perfect for you 

We’ll help you find one of our super stylish,  custom range bags, cases, loading devices, cleaning supplies, and other accessories that will make your life so much easier. And ammo for Ladies Day!

We’re open on Friday afternoons in Covington by appointment only because we want to give you undivided attention and privacy.  You can select a convenient time to meet at the office directly from the calendar  Contact us for possible other fitting appointments. 

We’re not a traditional gun store oozing testosterone. In fact, we’re in a private suite in a medical/therapy office building where we can give you great attention and privacy.  

Come in for a Fitting!

When you come in for a fitting, we’ll sit down and talk about what you’re hoping to use the firearm for. Conceal carry, home defense, range practice, we can help.

We’ll walk you through a couple of options and if we have it in stock, we’ll help fit it to your hands to make sure it is super comfortable to grip and operate.

If you have disabilities or strength issues we’ll help you with finding the perfect firearm and/or assistive devices.

Find a Holster

Finding the perfect holster can be hard with the dizzying array of options. We’ll help you find the perfect holster based on where you’re headed, what you’re wearing, and what you’re carrying!

We’ve narrowed down the options to only those holsters that actually work–for women. We’ll share what works for us and you can try on a couple in a safe, comfortable environment with our female instructors as you desire.

Find Secure Storage

We can recommend some amazing options for secure storage that keep children and others safe, while still providing ease of access for you in the event of an emergency.

We have a limited supply of items on-hand, and can order in others.

Accessorize it!

We’ve partnered with a local artisan to design and build our custom, one-of-a-kind Heroine range bags. OMG they are amazing! Each one is unique, and designed to our specifications.

They have oversized pockets on the outside for your cell phone, keys, range badge, and more.

On the inside, they’re big enough for a box (or two!). of ammo, oversize ear protection, eye protection, and an 8.5×11″ folder of fun targets!

Inside is a protective sleeve so you can carry your firearm safely to and from the range, and get your eyes and ears out for the safety briefing without risking touching your firearm before the range is hot!

Cow print range bag in the wild!

Cleaning kits, Uplulas, targets, gun rugs, ear protection, eye protection, we’ve got it. And if we don’t, we can order it!

T-Shirts and Hoodies!

Oh, have we got a fun deal for you!

We have unique t-shirts and hoodies with “Be Your Own Damn Hero” on the front, and our signature phrase, “Don’t be an asshole!” on the sleeve. Contact us to get yours today!


We’re open on Friday afternoons in Covington by appointment only.

You can select a convenient time to meet at the office directly from the calendar @ https://go.oncehub.com/AdventureProtection

Our office is located at:

We’re open on Fridays from 2-6 pm, and other times by appointment.

Please email info@adventureprotection.org for more information or schedule an appointment!

We’re in a medical/therapy office building. Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and turn left around the corner. At the glass doors of the dentist office, take the hallway on the right and enter at the first door on your left. Once you enter, turn right into the waiting room.

We’ll be there and waiting for you!

Please note that because this is a medical/therapy office building we ask that you ensure that all firearms are covered or thoroughly concealed. 


When you arrive to purchase a firearm, we’ll make a copy of your driver’s license for identity verification.

You’ll fill out Federal and Washington State forms which will be used to begin the background check process.

If you’re buying a semi-automatic rifle or pistol/revolver, your purchase is subject to Washington State extended background checks, which means that the Federal and State forms will be submitted to your local law enforcement agency for processing. State law requires us to hold pistols/revolvers until the law enforcement agency approves the purchase or 10 days have elapsed, whichever comes first. Semi-automatic rifles must be held for 10 days. Unfortunately, having a CPL no longer enables same-day purchases of these firearms.

Here is a fantastic guide to the Washington State background check process.

Semi-automatic Rifles

To purchase any semi-automatic firearm you must have proof of training to satisfy I-1639 compliance. If you’ve been through our class, you should have a statement on your course certificate of completion that shows you’ve met the requirements. If you took our class before June of 2019, or haven’t taken a 1639-compliant safety course, you can take a FREE, online course provided by our good friends Sporting Systems.

Semi-automatic rifles are subject to Washington State extended background checks.

Pistols & Revolvers

Pistols and revolvers are subject to Washington State extended background checks.

Shotguns & Lever Action Rifles

At present, these firearms are not subject to extended background checks. We can conduct an FBI NICS background check and get approval on the spot.


If you’ve found the perfect firearm online, we’re happy to help in transferring it to you.

Transfer fees are $50/firearm.

Please, contact us before you order your firearm online. We operate by appointment only and therefore cannot accept a delivery if it isn’t on our list of expected firearms. If we have to reject it, then the shipper might charge you for return shipping and a restocking fee!

Denied Transfers

A “denied” transaction will be charged the transfer fee and the buyer has 30 days to arrange for a refund from the seller and pay any return shipping and handling if from a mail-order, or arrange for the private-party seller to claim the firearm.

Sales Taxes on Transfers

We have to collect sales taxes on commercial transactions only (i.e. if you buy the firearm from an online dealer). We do NOT charge sales taxes on transfers between private parties.

Pick Up of Transfers

We’ll call or email you letting you know that we’ve received your firearm and we’re ready for you to begin the background check process. Remember the seller’s shipping or delivery notification doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve received it and processed it into our inventory.

Please make sure you check your email! Firearms that aren’t claimed within two weeks may be subject to storage fees of $10/week. Any firearms left over 30 days will be surrendered to us and sold.