Did you hear about the grandmother who was robbed and shot last week in Covington while at the BECU ATM in Covington?

On the evening of April 5th, A 60-year-old grandmother, accompanied by her granddaughter, was attempting to withdraw cash at a BECU ATM in Covington, Washington when two armed men approached and demanded $1,000 (Kiro 7). When the woman informed them she didn’t have that amount of money, one of the suspects opened fire, shooting her twice – once in the leg and once in the lower abdomen area, took her purse, and fled the scene in a vehicle (MyNorthwest).

Here’s a bit of a deeper dive on YouTube by Steve Hickey, a phenomenal news producer and videographer covering local news far better than news outlets anywhere nearby.

Despite her injuries, the grandmother remained alert and spoke with Cody Helvy, an employee at a nearby Big Lots store who rushed to her aid after hearing gunshots. Helvy recalled the details to Kiro 7, “She said two gentlemen walked up with guns and wanted $1,000. And she said, ‘I don’t have $1,000,’ and said, ‘We don’t care.’ And she tried to defend herself, and they shot her twice.”

Thankfully, the granddaughter was physically unharmed during the incident. The victim was transported to Harborview hospital with injuries that are described as non-life-threatening (MyNorthwest).

Major Crimes detectives from the Covington Police Department examined video evidence and were able to identify and locate the suspects’ vehicle and link the suspects to it. The first suspect was apprehended last week in Seattle, while the second was taken into custody in Tacoma, both by the Tac-30 team. The perpetrators have been booked and are being held on bail in relation to this crime (City of Covington Facebook).

This brazen act of violence over a seemingly mundane task like withdrawing cash from an ATM serves as a stark reminder of the importance of personal safety and self-defense, especially for women. Tragically, incidents like these are becoming increasingly common in today’s society, as one Covington resident said to Kiro 7: “I feel like today’s society you can be shot doing, whatever. And I know that’s hard to believe.”

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