Ensure you don’t miss out on super important Adventure Protection main and group posts!

There is an awful lot of super cool and very relevant information posted on the Adventure Protection Facebook page, and even more in the Adventure Protection Ladies Only group (and still more in the Adventure Protection RSOs group for those who’ve been trained as RSOs!).

Our God of the Range, Steve Pickard, has graciously created this guide you can follow to ensure you properly configure Facebook settings so you never miss a Ladies Day announcement, Group Buy, holster sale, or more. Choose your flavor below, desktop or mobile!

For Desktop

On your desktop computer, visit Facebook and click the little “Account” down-arrow in the upper right corner, then “Settings & Privacy”:

Then, click “Settings”:

Then “Notifications”:

And then “Groups”:

Scroll down to find the Adventure Protection Ladies Only group and, if you are an RSO, the Adventure Protection RSOs group:

Click each of those groups, and then click the radio button for “All Posts”:

For the main Adventure Protection page, “Like” it if you haven’t already done so, then click the three dots near the top right, then click “Follow Settings”:

And finally, click the radio buttons for “See First” and “Standard” to make sure that you don’t miss content that we post:

For Mobile

On the mobile Facebook app, to change your notification for groups start by tapping the three lines at the bottom right corner of the screen:

Then scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy,” and then “Settings”:

Then scroll down and tap “Notification Settings”:

Scroll down and tap “Groups”:

Then, scroll down until you find “Adventure Protection Ladies Only” and, for those of you who are range safety officers, “Adventure Protection RSOs”:

Within each group, tap “All Posts” to make sure that you see all of the group’s content:

To prioritize a page, such as the Adventure Protection page, in your newsfeed:
Follow the same instructions as above to tap Settings & Privacy, then Settings.  Then, scroll down and tap “News Feed Preferences”:

Then tap “Favorites”:

Search for Adventure Protection:

Click “Add” and then “Done”:

And you’re done! Great job!
Now you won’t miss a thing!