About Us

Welcome to the family

Welcome to Our Family

We’re a family that shoots together.

We share a passion of empowering women through self-defense education. Our mission is to inspire women to navigate life’s adventures with confidence and security.

We’re all NRA-certified instructors in a variety of disciplines.

We’re supported by a team of amazing volunteers who share our vision and have joined us to help you.

Together, we are here to help you unlock your potential, equip you with essential skills, and help you become your own damn hero. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!

Curtis, Becky, Kelsey, Katon and our amazing instructors and volunteers
The heart and drive

Meet Becky

Becky is the heart and drive behind our mission. She leverages her psychology degree and personal experiences to ensure women are given the right opportunities to learn and thrive. She is the reason we started all of this. She was tired of being dismissed in firearms training courses and having to prove that she was a better shot than the instructor in order to be admitted into the “club.” She is adamant that women merely need the opportunity to learn new skills in order to perform comparably. Becky is an NRA-certified instructor.

shattering Stereotypes

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey has been shattering stereotypes her whole life. She enjoys challenging assumptions of what women are capable of doing. She is full of infectious energy and a testament to what women can achieve. When not in business dress, she enjoys shooting the largest production revolvers and semi-automatic handguns available in the US (truly ‘big-ass’ handguns!). She is an NRA-certified instructor.

Chief Instructor

Meet Curtis

Curtis is the lead instructor. For nearly two decades he’s been teaching individuals and executives. He has a background in customer engagement and has taught customer service principles around the world.  He is an NRA-certified instructor for NRA Pistol, Home Defense, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Black Powder programs. He is also an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer.

Top-ranked Competitor

Meet Katon

Katon is our resident armorer and firearms expert. He has been actively shooting for nearly a decade and enjoys defensive and competitive shooting. He is a top-ranked, Master-level USPSA competition shooter, an active mini-3-gun competitor, and actively teaches others how to compete effectively. He is an NRA-certified instructor.

But Are You Law Enforcement? Military? NO!

People often ask us, “But are you law enforcement? Former military?”

The answer is a resounding NO!

We’re so tired of seeing shooting course prerequisites that say, “You must bring a thick skin” to the course. What they’re really saying is, “I only know how to instruct by yelling at you and otherwise abusing you.”

People don’t learn that way. Quite the contrary. People shut down when being yelled at, and all learning stops.

We’re experts at teaching.  We know how to shoot really well. And we know how teach others to shoot–really, really well.

We’ve learned how to shoot from extremely good instructors over the years. We evaluate the principles to determine whether or not they actually work for us in real life.

We apply the principles in regular practice and shooting competitions. We keep what works, and toss the rest.

And we spend way too many hours figuring out the BEST way to teach these principles to other shooters.

And of course we’re NRA-certified instructors.

The result?

You learn tried and tested techniques, presented in the most effective way. No yelling. No abuse.

You gain competence very quickly.

Which leads to confidence.

Join us and learn how to Be Your Own Damn Hero!