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Welcome to Adventure Protection

To empower you – to turn your fear into confidence, your doubts into determination. We provide a space just for women where you can learn, grow, and cultivate your strength. Your safety is your right. With competence, you become confident that you can rely on your instincts and make the right decisions when it counts. Welcome to Adventure Protection, where you learn to Be Your Own Damn Hero.


Learn personal protection, home defense, safety, shooting fundamentals, and more in our comprehensive courses with both online and in-person options. Learn to Be Your Own Damn Hero.

Who We Are

We empower women through self-defense education, inspiring confidence and security. With our team of passionate volunteers, we’re here to unlock your potential, equip you with essential skills, and help you become your own damn hero. Welcome to Adventure Protection!


Celebrate self-empowerment and show the world you are your Own Damn Hero with our branded shirts, mugs, tumblers, and more! Style meets function with our hand-made Hero range bags. Find the best tools to enhance your training and shooting journey.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve redefined what it means to be a woman armed with knowledge, skill, and self-confidence.

Unlike most traditional firearms training, we create a space emphasizing respect, empowerment, and individual growth. No ‘tough love’ methods. No yelling. No saying, “you must have a thick skin to attend.”

We know how to teach. And we do it very, very well. Our trainers excel in supportive and nurturing communication, walking you through complex skill-building with kindness, deep patience, and an unyielding focus on safety. We foster an environment where you can learn and truly thrive, tapping into newfound levels of competence and confidence and making learning comfortable and fun. 

Join us in learning to Be Your Own Damn Hero and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Until I took another, I had no idea how comprehensive, professional, and fun your classes are compared to others. I’ve been spoiled! Your classes go way above the mere basics that others provide. I have a refreshed appreciation for the amazing community you’ve created. Thank you!

What Women Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Women’s stories of empowerment, confidence, and newfound strength testify to the power of being your own hero with our courses.

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